Choosing the right hair extensions

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The majority of girls want the hair to grow super long, full, gorgeous, and luxurious. However, getting such hair requires a lot of effort. This is particularly the case if you have been growing it only for your hairdresser to trim it excessively. However, for some people, they cannot get it that long. Either their hair gets damaged, or it bothers them. No matter the reason for not growing long hair or you need a fuller hair, the best method is to buy hair extensions.

There are various types of hair extensions. Thus, you need to look carefully to find the right extensions that you require. This is necessary because hair extensions are expensive. Although they are expensive, they are reusable sometimes. The following are factors to consider:

Hair extensions

Type of hair

hair extensions 5t26You need to know whether you can get real hair for your extensions. It can be real hair (or animal hair), or just synthetic hair. If you want a least expensive option, then you should go for synthetic hair. Unfortunately, it is quite heavier than real hair, and it does not bounce as the normal hair does. In fact, real hair is better but quite expensive.


You also need to determine the length you desire. Usually, longer hair is going to be more expensive. In most instances, 20 inches is the longest hair. However, if you are willing to invest more, you can get longer hair extensions. It is advisable to get longer extensions as you will need to trim them to fit your style. After determining the length you want, you will then choose the kind of extensions that are good for you.

Permanent versus clip ins

hiar extensions t527Permanent hair extensions are professionally made. However, they are very expensive. You can get pieces that are glued into a strand of hair, or a whole row of hair which can be sewed or weaved into your hair. You should note that permanent extensions can cause serious damage to your hair. If you find them not right for you, then choose clip in extensions. It is an easy way, but affordable means to add volume and lengthen your hair. In fact, they can last for more than eight months. Moreover, they cannot cause damage to the hair as you just clip them into your hair.

It is a personal decision on the type of hair extensions you want to get. This is because there is a wide variety of them on the market.…

Ways to Achieving Exquisite Look for Your Wedding

Prenuptial wedding

The success of a wedding depends on the meticulous planning done by the couple. The plan should include the decoration of the wedding place, the dresses and the makeup worn by the bridesmaid, and the wedding dress and the suit for the bride and the groom. All of the mentioned aspects should correlate with each other since they determine whether a wedding is positively or negatively memorable.

Matching the dress style with the wedding theme

themed weddingGoing unique and even eccentric when choosing the wedding theme is absolutely alright, especially if you and your partner intend to make the wedding an authentic experience, not only to you and him/her but also to the wedding audience. What makes a wedding fails is not the theme choice. It is mostly caused by an improper matching between the theme and the dress code.

For example, you and your partner want to have an exotic themed wedding. Both of you have booked a wedding reception venue Melbourne, and have decided to have an Indiana Jones themed wedding. But Cattleya orchids are absent, and both the dresses and the suits do not follow the theme. Such situation would ruin how your wedding is going to be remembered by your audience.

Practicing your pose

BrideDuring the wedding, you are going to meet a lot of guests. You are the host of your party, and it means that whenever an audience wants to take pictures, you should be ready and stand-by. Posing is not an easy task. Wrong pose and you will pave your history with photos full of awkward expressions or gestures.

Practice your pose in front of a mirror at least weeks before the D-day. Practice with your partner too, if allowed, because looking good together at photos needs a good co-operation between each other.

Practice these following aspects of posing to get better photoshoot:

  1. Standing straight.
    The habit of not standing straight can seriously ruin a photograph. You should practice your standing pose so that you can look more stunningly beautiful.
  2.  Hand position.
    Lifting the arms a bit farther from the torso can give the illusion of leaner arms.
  3. Smile.
    There are a lot of messages lie in someone’s smile. An apparent tired-smile during a wedding photo session might give the audience a very wrong impression.

Try the makeup first

makeupImproper makeup will make you or your partner look too much and gaudy. You should try taking a photo with your makeup artists before the wedding and see which makeup suits you and your partner the best. What appears to be enough with naked eyes might look drastically different in the photo.

Do not put glitters or luminescent skin care. Both will make your face oily fast. Besides, you might be kissing cheek your guest. Imagine how uncomfortable it is to kiss someone with an oily and glittering face?

Pay attention to your lips. Perfect bridal lips can be achieved by applying a lip stain.

Layering is also a necessity for a long-lasting beauty. Perhaps your reception will only take not more than two hours, but all the preparation and the socializing will require you to be actively moving.…